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Manual English 1/1/2000
468.0 KB
EzRestore English Easy Installation Guide

Japanese 1/1/2000
519.0 KB
EzRestore Japanese Easy Installation Guide

Simp Chinese 1/1/2000
595.0 KB
EzRestore Simplfied Chinese Easy Installation Guide

Trad Chinese 1/1/2000
537.0 KB
EzRestore Traditional Chinese Easy Installation Guide

Driver AGP Driver R6.6 4/24/2002
6564.0 KB
AGP drivers for Win 95/98/98SE/ME In Win 95, please be sure to install patch file DCOM95.EXE first.

OS Support:Win95,WinME
BIOS R1.06 1/21/2002
310.0 KB
  • Checksum 84C7h
  • Shows warning message when Tualatin CPU with 512KB cache is installed.
  • Updates CPU ratio to x16.
  • Fixes system hang up at resuming from S3 with Celeron 1.3GHz CPU under Win 2000.

  • OS Support:DOS
    Manual English 12/7/2002
    5675.0 KB
    English manual for AX3S-U

    Utility EzRestore/ProMagic Utility V6.0 5/29/2003
    5866.0 KB
  • EzRestore utility

  • OS Support:Win2000,Win98SE,WinME,WinNT,WinXP
    Checksum Utility English 7/3/1995
    14.0 KB

    OS Support:DOS
    Driver Audio Driver R0m0d6 1/7/2002
    18573.0 KB
    Audio driver for Win 98SE/ME/2000/XP. Windows driver model audio update for Win 98SE, qfe242397.exe, 325KB.

    OS Support:Win2000,WinME,WinXP
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