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XC Cube MZ855 II
Product nameXC Cube MZ855-II
Product number95.MZ859.1Z3

Product merit
MZ855-II front
MZ855-II combination image

Intel Pentium M processor support

XC Cube model utilizes the feature of Pentium M processor well. Low electric power consumption. Pentium M processor is small-sized quiet. So it is excellent solution of personal computer. With AGP, PCI slot, Giga bit LAN and IEEE1394 ensure its expandability. XC Cube can answer to all needs.
You can use MZ855 as AV personal computer, home server, 2nd small size & quiet sound machine.
Support socket 479 Intel Pentium M processor /Celeron M processor (Dothan and Banias core correspondence). And DDR SD-RAM (PC2100 / 2700 / 3200), AGP x4 slot and PCI slot, Giga bit LAN, optical digital sound system, and IEEE1394.
It corresponded to FSB533 and FSB400. So you can use the Pentium M processor of higher clock.

7 IN 1 card reader, S/P DIF output and Audio input/output, USB 2.0 x2 port and the IEE1394 x2 (4pin x1/6pin x1) port are loaded to the front. As for card leader lighter/writer compact flash Type I&II smart media, SD and memory stick flash memory are supported.

Rear Panel

There is sufficient expandability such as PS/2, serial port (the RS232C), S/P DIF, IEEE1394, USB2.0 and Giga bit LAN, AUDIO input/output and printer port on the rear.
AGP 4x and PCI slot of Low Profile correspondence.
The 150W Power source is considering the heat generation and space inside the case.

The half size of the former XC Cube series. Height the barely approximately 10cm, width is 20cm. The optical drive is slim drive for notebook, a 3.5" HDD can use as hard disk. Intel Pentium M processor actualized this small-sized frame. With the high performance of the M processor, and low electric power consumption. This is the reason how it utilizes heat generation.

P/N 95.MZ859.2Z1
P/N 95.MZ859.2Z4
P/N 95.MZ859.1Z1
DIMENSION:200(W)x106(H)x320(D) mm
7.9(W)x4.2(H)x12.6(D) inch
CPU:Socket 479 (Support Intel Pentium M and Celeron M Processor), 400/533MHz FSB)
FSB 400/533 MHz
DDR x2
Max memory size : 2GB
VGA Port x 1
TV OUT:Multi-TV x 1 (Composite + S-Video + Y-Pb-Pr)
AGP 4X slot x 1 low profile (Max length 185mm)
PCI slot x 1 low profile (Max length 185mm)
AUDIO:AC97 Audio 5.1 CH
Line-In (Surround-Out L/R)* x 1
Line-Out (Front-Out L/R)* x 1
Mic-In (Central/Subwoofer out)* x 1
Front Mic-In x 1
Front Earphone-Out x 1
Storage Bay:3.5" HDD bay x 1
7 in 1 Card Reader x 1
Slim Type optical driver bay x 1
CPU THERMAL:AOpen Proprietary super quite FAN (below 27dB)
POWER SUPPLY:DC19V/150W Adapter and DC to ATX Module(20 Pin)
POWER SOLUTIONS:Two-phase voltage stabilization
I/O PORTS:ATA 100 Connector x 2
USB 2.0 port x 6, 2(Rear)/2(Front)/2(On Board)
IEEE 1394 port x 3, 1(Rear)/2(Front 4pins and 6pins)
Parallel Port (Printer) 25 pins D-Sub x 1
Serial Port (COM) 9-pins D-Sub x 1
PS/2 Keyboard port x 1
PS/2 Mouse port x 1
10/100/1000 LAN
VGA Output Port 15-pins D-Sub x 1
S/PDIF:Optical-In x 1
Optical-Out x 1
Coaxial-Out x 1
ENVIRONMENT:Operating Temperature : 10 ~ 35℃
Storage Temperature : -10 ~ 48℃
OPERATING HUMIDITY:Operating Humidity : 5 ~ 95%RH
SUPPORTED OS:Windows XP/2000
NOTE:Super quite design (below 27dB)
WEIGHT (Kg/Pound):2.6kg / 5.7 pound (N.W.)