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  • Good thermal & EMI solution
  • Removable disk drive frame for easy assembly
  • Solid construction makes the chassis durable and sturdy
  • 4 full-height slots and 4 drive bays

  • Black met surface material resists fingerprints and looks good

  • Front cover design for 5.25”, 3.5” disk drive bays and front I/O access
Front cover for 3.5” disk drive bay Front cover for 5.25” disk drive bay Front cover for front I/O aaccess

  • Thermal solution, 2 x 6cm rear fans (default)

  • Friendly front IO access, 2 x USB2.0 ports, 2 x Audio(AC’97) ports, and IEEE(optional)

front fan support
2 x 60mm rear fans
Security solution
Key lock :
supports the lock for system security
Kensington slot :
supports Kensington lock
Bending edge design for
prevents hand cut
FlexATX / MicroATX motherboard
  Tool-free screw design
Removable Disk Device Frame
A user-friendly design for easy assembly, component upgrades and maintenance.
Material:Metal: SECC 0.8mm
Form Factor:Form Factor : Compatible with FlexATX / MicroATX motherboard
Disk Drive Bays:External : 5.25"X 1 and 3.5"X 1
Internal : 3.5” x2
Expansion slots:Supports 4 full-height slots
Power Supply:SFX 200W / 270W / 300W( support Active PFC 300W )
Front I/O access:2 x USB2.0 ports, 2 x Audio (AC’97) ports, and IEEE (optional)
Cooling Fan:Front : 80mm
Rear : 2 x 60mm
Dimensions:138(W) x 340(H) x340(D)mm w/o panel
Net Weight:5.41 kg (w/o power supply) ; 6.41 kg (w/ power supply)
Volume:16 L