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F501 housing form AOpen Inc. is a revolutionary design product. It is the first housing that can be fold and flatten for easy transportation. It can fold-unfold rapidly and the package box can easily expand and put together for display and carrying. Therefore, F501 just like a pupa transform to butterfly.

For dealer and retailer, AOpen F501 will cut down the shipping cost dramatically, because it can be stack and store much more amounts than regular case in one container. When a numbers of F501 reach the destination, they also take less space from warehouse. That means F501 will not only save the shipping cost but also storage fee; and you can earn more margin for this! You can refer the chat below for detail about the difference between common case and F501.


Models Normal Mid-Tower Case AOpen F501
Container Transportation 40' FT container: 1000 ~ 1060 sets 40' HQ container: 1100 ~ 1200 sets 40' FT container : up to 2,400 sets (or 2,000 sets with power supply) 40' HQ container: up to 2,560 sets

For end user, when you purchase F501 and other computer components from store on street; you will no longer suffer form the bulk size of those old fashioned case, you can practically carry them with one hand from now on. And if you buy F501 on the Internet, the shipping cost will have greater chance less than common case to decrease the number on your bill.

Thanks for the great idea and design of AOpen R&D to birth the ground-breaking foldable housing F501. It makes an all-win game for manufacture, dealer and user by minimizing the overall cost. According to our evaluation, because of F501 can be fold in a very compact size to preserve 50% to 66% of shipping and storage rate. We strongly recommend AOpen F501 and deeply believe that it will be the Hall of Frame in computer case history.

Material:Metal: SECC
Main Board Size:ATX
Disk Drive Bays:3.5" : *2/5(external/internal)
5.25" : *4/0(external/internal)
Power Supply:(optional)
Ventilation:12 cm rear fan(optional)
Dimensions:15.74"(400mm)(H) x 7.87"(200mm)(W) x 17.32"(440mm)(D)
Packing Style:Single or bulk packing
Net Weight:12.32 lbs. / 5.6 kg