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The i975Xa-YDG is the best of the latest generation of gaming motherboard design.

AOpen i975Xa-YDG offers ingenious features not only for power, performance but also in usage factors.

Dual Power - May Dual Force be with you

AOpen i975Xa-YDG supports the revolutionary Intel Core Duo (Yonah) CPU, which boosts multitasking computing power and offers you a more versatile computing platform.In addition, because AOpen i975Xa-YDG is furnished with dual channel DDRII 667 memory architecture, it can double the bandwidth and provide the best memory control performance for your system. Adopting Intel 975X and ICH7 chipsets, ATi CrossFire™ technology has been supported. With two PCI Express x16 graphics interfaces on board, it provides high performance GPU sharing capability that works with all games. Also, two PCI Express x1 expansion slots and two PCI expansion slots are provided.

Superior Performance - Take the 975 Express to the next generation of gaming

Intel® 975X Express Chipset delivers incredible high performance for gaming, multimedia entertainment and demanding business applications for today and tomorrow. It supports ATi CrossFire™. With combined multi-GPU power, ATI CrossFire™ provides high performance GPU sharing capability that works with all games. You can enjoy the highest image quality and resolutions. The CPU, DRAM Voltage, CPU Clock, Northbridge, and Power Master setting can be changed in BIOS. Power users can discover the potential power of i975Xa-YDG,. It provides many setting combinations for gamers to enjoy the greatest fun from over-clocking.

CPU cooler – The strong and silent type

An illuminated CPU cooler provides excellent temperature and noise control. The top speed can reach 2500rpm with only 25dB of noise even during maximum over-clocking. Compared to others, i975Xa-YDG gives a perfect combination of exhilarating performance, low power consumption and ultra silence.

Hot-Pluggable Serial ATA connector - Plug, Unplug and play

The external Serial ATA II had the fastest transmission speed for storage interfaces. The Hot Plug function can let you access and store data easily under Windows without rebooting the system and wasting your time.



IR Remote control provided - Why let TV have all the fun, Speed me up

An included multifunction IR remote control (over-clocking control button included) allows you to power on/off your system, use DVD and MP3 functions, and over-clock your system with the press of a button.

Low Power - Guilt free gaming

Save the planet and enjoy gaming at the same time, i975Xa-YDG uses 100W less than Pentium D.

All these fascinating features can be summary as ‘COO’, the so-called ‘Code of Over-Clock’, is unveiled for you to gain extra performance (over-clocking) for your PC system in different factors.
P/N 91.8EA10.I700
P/N 91.8EA10.I70
CPU:Socket M
Support Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) / Core Duo / Core Solo (Yonah) and Celeron M (4xx) Processor
FSB 667MHz
Chipset:Intel 975X
Intel ICH7
Main Memory :Dual Channel Mode
DDRII 667/533
DIMM Type : 256/512MB & 1GB
Max Memory : 4GB
Support ECC
Super I/O:Winbond
Clock Gen.:Realtek
Graphics:PCI Express x 16 (PCIe x 16) slot x 2, Support ATI Crossfire
Storage:Integrated ATA100 and Serial ATA Controller
ITE IDE RAID Control Chip [Support RAID 0, 1, 0+1]
JMicron Serial ATA II Control Chip [Support Hot Plug]
144,000,000GB [by 48 bits LBA Spec.]
LAN:Integrated Marvell Gigabit PCI Express LAN Chip
Audio:Integrated Controller : Integrated Intel High Definition Audio
Chip : Realtek ALC880 HD Audio CODEC on-Board
7.1 Channel
USB:Integrated in chipset
USB 2.0 Port x 8
IEEE 1394:Agere 1394 Control Chip
Expansion Slots:PCI Express x16 Graphics (PCIe x16) x 1
PCI Express x8 Graphics (PCIe x8) x 1
PCI Express (PCIe x1) x 2
PCI x 2
Back Panel I/O Port:PS/2 Keyboard Connector x 1
PS/2 Mouse Connector x 1
USB 2.0 Port x 4
1394 Port x 1
RJ45 LAN Port x 1
Hot Plug SATA II Port x 1
S/PDIF_In port x 1
S/PDIF_Out port x 1
Line_In x 1
Speaker_Out x 1
MIC_In x 1
Center / Subwoofer x 1
Rear Surround x 1
Side Surround x 1
On Board I/O Connector:Serial ATA II Connector x 4
IDE ATA100 Connector x 1
IDE ATA133 Connector x 2
Floppy Drive Connector x 1
24-pin Power Supply Connector x 1
4-pin 12V Connector x 1
1x4 Peripheral Connector x 1
CPU FAN Connector x 1
System FAN Connector x 1
Power FAN Connector x 1
Front Panel Connector x 1
Front Audio Connector x 1
IEEE 1394 Connector x 1
CD_IN Connector x 1
Power Master II Connector x 1
USB Connector x 2 (supports USB port x 4)
COM Connector x 1
Printer Connector x 1
Power Switch Connector x 1
Reset Switch Connector x 1
BIOS:Award PnP 4Mb Flash ROM BIOS
Form Factor:ATX
Board Size:305 mm x 244 mm
Software & Utility:Acrobat Reader
EzInstall utility
AOconfig utility
EzWinFlash utility
Power Master II Utility
Online eBook Manual
Accessory:CPU Cooler x 1
Serial ATA cable x 1
Serial ATA Power cable x 1
Hot Plug SATA + Power Cable x 1
40-wire IDE cable x 1
Floppy Disk cable x 1
CPU Retention Module x 1
Back Panel I/O Shield x 1
Bonus Pack CD disc x 1
Enhanced Full Pictured Manual x 1
Easy Installation Guide x 1
IR Receiver Kits x 1
IR Remote Control x 1