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AOpen’s i915GMm-HFS can be installed with Intel’s full series Pentium M processor (400/533MHz FSB) and the power consumption is only one fourth of Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 processor. With DDR333 and Dual Channel DDRII-533 architecture, i915GMm-HFS provides the best combination for memory module choices.

The new Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900, integrated into the Intel 915GM chipset, provides better visual quality, versatile display options and incredible 3D performance. At the same time, alternative revolutionary VGA interface, PCI Express x16, can reach 8.0 GB/s which is nearly 4-time faster than AGP 8x.

Dual Gigabit PCI Express LAN design provides high network bandwidth and can act as home media server. Combined with advanced Serial ATA-II 300M byte/s, double transmission rate than Serial ATA and RAID 0,1 date backup security, the innovative motherboard provide leading storage interface and hot plug functionality.

With built-in DVI (connects to LCD monitor), YPbPr (connects to High Density TV, 1080i, 720P) and S-Video (connects to HDTV) connectors, you can enjoy the best display quality besides conventional analog video display. Meanwhile, S/PDIF IN/OUT and Intel High Definition Audio 7.1 surround sound provide professional digital media and streaming music services.

With the LAN/Storage/Video/Audio advantages mentioned above, AOpen closely link i915GMm-HFS to Intel’s Digital Home and Microsoft Media Center concept. Do you look for a power-saving, silent and entertaining motherboard? AOpen’s i915GMm-HFS is the solution.

SPEC of i915GMm-HFS

  CPU Intel Pentium M processor
  Chipsets Intel 915GM / ICH6-M
  FSB 400/533 MHz
  Graphics Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900

PCI Express 16X supported

  Memory DDR 333 or Dual Channel DDR-II 400/533
  Serial ATA Ports YES - 2 ports
  Serial ATA-II Ports YES - 2 ports
  IDE ATA100 Connectors YES - 1 connector
  USB 2.0 Connectors YES – 8 connectors
  IEEE 1394 Connectors YES – 2 connectors on board
  RAID Levels Silicon Image SATA-II RAID 0 & 1
  LAN Marvell Dual Gigabit PCI Express LAN
  Audio Azalia CODEC supports 7.1 Channel and above
  Digital Audio S/PDIF IN/OUT
  Video connector D-Tub, DVI, S-Video, YPbPr

D4 connector(For Japan Only)

  Form Factor Micro ATX (244mm x 244mm)

P/N 91.8EM10.I90
CPU:Socket 479
Support Intel Pentium M CPU
FSB 533MHz
Chipset:Intel 915GM
Intel ICH6-M
Main Memory :Dual Channel Mode
DDR333 or DDRII 533
DIMM Type : DDR or DDRII 128/256/512MB & 1GB
Max Memory : 2GB
Super I/O:Winbond
Clock Gen.:Realtek
Graphics:PCI Express x16 (PCIe x16) slot
Integrated VGA Engine in chipset
IDE:Integrated ATA100 and Serial ATA Controller
Silicon Image Serial ATA II Control Chipset [Support RAID 0,1]
Max Disk : 144,000,000GB [by 48 bits LBA Spec.]
LAN:Integrated Dual Marvell Gigabit PCI Express LAN Chip
Audio:Chip : Azalia Codec on-Board embedded S/PDIF
7.1 Channel and above
USB:Integrated in chipset
USB 2.0 Port x 1
IEEE 1394:Agere 1394 Control Chip
Slot:PCI Express x16 Graphics (PCIe x16)
PCI Express (PCIe x1)
Storage & Back Panel I/O:Serial ATA II Channel : x 1
Serial ATA Channel : Serial ATA Channel x 1
IDE Channel : ATA100
Floppy Drive Connector : Floppy Drive Connector x 1
VGA Port : x 1
DVI Port : x 1
D-Connector (D1, D2, D3, D4) : x 1
Y-Pb-Pr Port : x 1
USB Port : USB Port x 1
LAN Port : LAN Port x 1
Speaker_Out : x 1
MIC_In : x 1
Center / Subwoofer : x 1
Side Surround : x 1
Line_In/SPDIF_In : x 1
Rear Surround / SPDIF_Out : x 1
S-Video : x 1
On Board Connector:CPU FAN
Chassis FAN
System FAN
Power Temperature Connector
Front Panel Connector : Front Panel
CD_IN Connector : CD_IN
USB Port
IEEE 1394 Connector : IEEE 1394
COM Connector : COM Port
Printer Connector
BIOS:Award PnP 4Mb Flash ROM BIOS
Form Factor:Micro ATX
Board Size:244 mm x 244 mm
Software & Utility:Acrobat Reader
EzInstall utility
AOconfig utility
EzSkin utility
EzWinFlash utility
WinDMI utility
i915GMm-HFS Utility
Online eBook Manual
Accessory:CPU Cooler x 1
Serial ATA cable
Serial ATA Power cable x 1
80-wire IDE cable
Floppy Disk cable
S/PDIF Converter x 1
PS/2 Keyboard Connector : PS/2 Keyboard Connector x 1
Back Panel I/O Shield x 1
Bonus Pack CD disc
Enhanced Full Pictured Manual x 1
Easy Installation Guide x 1