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Aeolus PCX6800GT-DVD256

AOpen, recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality display cards and computer peripherals, officially announced “Aeolus PCX 6800 – DVD256”, one of the most powerful PCI Express video display cards in the world today.

One of the strongest features of the display card is its superior heat dissipation design, according to Jonathan Yen, product manager of the company. Because the display card is built with NVIDIA’s GeForce 6800 PCIe graphic processing unit (GPU) for gaming experts and users requiring 3D animation, and heavy graphic processing is likely to generate heat which may cause warping to a display card, the company’s Aeolus PCX 6800 display card is designed with many unique heat dissipation features.

The display card is built with a sensor which monitors the temperature of the GPU, as soon as the temperature rises to a certain level, the intelligent driver software will step up the rotation speed of the extra large 7-cm cooling fan which will cool off the GPU. A user can see a status icon on the task bar which will show at what percentage the cooling fan is working to bring down the temperature of the GPU.

The cooling fan has a diameter of 7 cm, the largest and most powerful in the industry, can automatically adjust its speeds in 8 steps. The SilenTek technology can forecast the workload of the GPU and increase the rotation speed of the cooling fan in advance before the temperature of the GPU reaches its peak.  This unique SilenTek technology not only strengthens the heat dissipation effect, but also minimizes the noise and power consumption of the display card.  When running at its most silent mode, the display card only has a noise level of 20 dB which can hardly be heard by human ears.

Because the GPU temperature will become very high when a user runs computer games, it may cause warping to conventional display cards on the market.  To prevent that from happening, AOpen’s display card is designed to be strengthened with an “iron spine”, which runs along one side of the display card so that AOpen’s display card will never go warping.

Another unique feature of Aeolus PCX 6800 display card is the Scalable Link Interface (SLI) technology supported by the display card.  The SLI technology allows users to intelligently combine and scale graphics performance by having multiple NVIDIA GPUs in a single system. “In other words, a user buying a display card embedded with SLI technology is buying the future because the user can simply add another SLI display card with the same GPU to the system in the future,” Yen explains.  In the past, when a user upgraded the video display card, the user replaced the old card with a new display card.  “Buying an Aeolus PCX 6800 display card is the best protection of the investment on system hardware,” Yen elaborates.

Bernie Tsai, president of AOpen, said, “Aeolus PCX 6800 will be one of our killer products in 2005.”

The Aeolus PCX 6800 display card powers the next generation of cinematic realism with NVIDIA CineFX 3.0 Technology.  Its full support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 enables stunning ultra-realistic effects and complex special effects.  Its next-generation shader architecture delivers faster and smoother gameplay.

The display card is built with NVIDIA UltraShadow II Technoloogy, which enhances the performance of bleeding-edge games, such as id Software’s Doom III, which feature complex scenes with multiple light sources and objects.  It delivers more than four times the shadow processing power over the previous generation.

With the display card, a gamer can play such games including Battlefield Vietnam; Colin McRae Rally 04; Doom III; EverQuest II; Far Cry; Ground Control II: Operation Exodus; Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising; Lord of the Rings, the Battle for Middle-earth; Painkiller; Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow; Unreal Tournament 2004; and Xpand Rally.

The product is built with many other powerful features.  The video scaling and filtering capability of the product improves video playback quality at any window size, including full-screen HDTV resolutions.   It also ensures top-notch compatibility and performance for all OpenGL applications.

Because the display card is built with double date rate (DDR) memory from leading DDR manufacturers, the product provides faster frame rates at higher resolutions and color depths and double the memory for geometry data and textures.  It also features SLI technology to deliver an ultimate gaming supercomputer for the extreme gamer.

The new product also utilize the NVIDIA ForceWare™ software suite and Unified Driver Architecture (UDA), incorporating software optimisations that take full advantage of the newest features and its industry-renowned compatibility, stability, and reliability.

ModelAeolus PCX6800GT-DVD256
GPU:nVIDIA GeForce 6800-GT
Process : 0.13 Micron
Core Clock : 350MHZ
DirectX Generation : 9
16 Pixel Pipelines
Chip Technology : 256-bit
Video Memory:-1.6ns
256 MB
Bus Type:PCI-E
DVI connector
Highest Resolution/Colors/Refresh Rate:2048x1536 / 32bit / 85Hz
RAMDAC speed :400 MHz
Revolutionary 3D Accelerator Features:Optimized DirectX and OpenGL acceleration
Driver Support:OS : Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft Direct3D®, DirectDraw® ,DirectVideo® and ActiveX® for Window 95/98/ME®
Absolutely Blazing 2D Performance:2048x1536 @ 85hz
Driver Support:DirectX : 8 / 9
SGI OpenGL ICD : Windows 2000/XP
Software Package:User-friendly interface to control VGA settings
Auto driver installation wizard
Accessory:User's Guide : AOpen User's Guide
VGA driver disc : AOpen VGA driver disc
DVI-CRT converter