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V18 Pro
ModelV18 Pro
Video:Compliance : Full compliance with MPEG 1 standard (ISO CD 11172)
NTSC : 30 frames/sec.
PAL : 25 frames/sec.
VGA Resolutions : Supports all
True Color Display : Yes
Full Motion/Screen Video Playback : Yes
TV Output : Yes
Audio:MPEG Audio Layer I & II : Yes
Audio Quality : Stereo 16 bit PCM
Sampling Rates : 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz
Stereo Audio Output : Yes
Output Watt : 6 W. per channel
Regulatory Compliance:FCC
Blackplane:Stereo Audio Output
VGA Output
TV Output
VGA Input
Jumperless Design:Yes
Supporting Software:VidiStation MPEG playback for Windows, Easy installation programs and DOS MPEG playback program
System Requirements:CPU : IBM compatible PC with 486SX-25 or higher
Card : VGA or SVGA card
Drive : Double speed CD-ROM drive or higher
Operation Ssystem : DOS 5.0 or Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher
Memory : 4MB RAM
Included Package:AOpen V18 Pro board
User Manual
Utility Diskette
15-pin VGA/SVGA & stereo audio cable